Friday, March 2, 2012

been awhile

I often think about blogging but I never seem to get here
part of the problem is the state of my office and it is functioning at a very low rate
I have been for the last week been spending 1 one hour a day cleaning and I have one desk to clean to the point where I have spent some extra time today cleaning shelves that surround me.
In the past year I had lost a job, that had become very stressful me to the point where I gain all my weight back +20lbs. It was a relief to be away for the job but the prospect of being unemployed in a city with such high employment was daunting. This week I finally had a job interview and was able to get a part time job.... joy and creativity have filled my heart. More thing to follow about my new job

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see you back, I am glad things are looking up for you.
    Look forward to hear about your new job.